Fresno’s Complete Computer Networking Solution

Your Complete Network Solution

esp-total-solutionThe ESP Total Solution is a family of services that focus on improving the performance and reliability of your network – so that you can focus on running your business. These services include network monitoring, remote assistance, software and anti-virus management, as well as incident tracking. The ESP Total Solution can be used as your primary network management solution or as a backup to your existing staff. Contact us to work out a customized plan to meet your needs.

The primary service, Network Monitoring, allows the remote monitoring of your network, 24 hours a day, for early detection and prevention of system failures. Once indications of a potential failure are detected (failing hard-drives, backup failures, virus outbreaks, etc.) our engineers immediately take measures to correct the problem.

In most cases a situation can be resolved off-site in a timely manner. However, not all issues can be resolved remotely and may require an onsite technical visit. In these cases an appointment will be scheduled.

The Incident Tracking database enables you, or designated users, to personally initiate contact with ESP technical support. Issues are reported and logged through an online web interface. A response and “incident number” are provided and technicians are immediately notified. Personal contact is made via email or telephone, then the appropriate response and measures are taken.

This provides thorough tracking of any problem that may occur on your network, as well as the status of its resolution. At anytime the database can be accessed to examine past and current issues to determine any recurring problems, or as an effective management and problem-solving aid.

Software Management keeps your system and critical software up-to-date with the most recent service packs, anti-virus and software updates. Studies indicate that the majority of network problems and downtime are the result of outdated or incompatible software. We personalize a database of your existing software applications and operating systems, and remain constantly informed of updates. Once a necessary new release is reported, we prepare for, and schedule, its installation. Implementation of upgrades is accomplished remotely, during nonworking hours, providing you with uninterrupted operation and seamless / trouble-free assurance of the latest necessary operating software.

If you or any member of your staff requires support with software or general computer operations, our Remote Assistance service can help, while you remain at your desk. Through a secure connection, Remote Assistance allows you, the end user, and ESP, to assume simultaneous control of a computer desktop. Remote Assistance allows us to visually demonstrate the proper ways to navigate your network, operate a computer, or run specific applications. This procedure is only made possible when you grant a ESP engineer access to your workstation, eliminating any chance of uninvited access to your network. In most cases, Remote Assistance can save you the cost of an on-site service call. A virtual “hands-on” solution, Remote Assistance provides valuable time-saving information to whom, and where, it is needed.