IT Hosted Solutions

Ready To Move To The Cloud?

Hosted Solutions Offer Flexibility and Cost Savings

Enjoy the work-from-anywhere, no-hardware-required convenience of ESP Computer Consulting Cloud Computing Services. More and more organizations are moving IT services and business applications to the cloud to take advantage of the many benefits Cloud computing has to offer, including reduced burden on your IT resources. You get everything you need instantly without high upfront costs or long installation times. Plus, you get the flexibility of scaling to your specific needs without having to add hardware. At ESP, we will help you determine the most cost effective and practical hosted solutions for your business.

Backup and File Sync Cloud Services

Securely Back Up and Sync All of Your Files with ESP

Affordable plans to ensure you can access any file, any time and from any device

We work in a mobile environment, so it’s important that your files and folders are available when you need them, regardless of the device. With our new cloud-based mobile and computer backup services, all of your devices are securely backed up automatically, so you can rest assured that your files and folders are not only backed up, but the latest versions are available when you need them.

  • Continually syncs all of your work across all devices
  • Files are automatically added or updated in the cloud
  • Backs up all mobile devices and computers without interrupting your workflow
  • Includes all endpoints, including NAS Units and Servers for same price


Plans start at just $50/yr for 100/GB and unlimited devices. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment and quote.

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