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Consolidate Resources and add Efficiencies with Virtualization Solutions

virtualization-planning-implementationVirtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. Moving to a virtual environment can significantly optimize the performance of your server infrastructure, as well as better leverage desktop resources by consolidating resource pools and delivering highlight available machines to end users, ultimately reducing your overall IT costs by up to 70%. If your IT Admins are spending too much time managing servers rather than innovating, then virtualization should be considered. At ESP, we are certified partners for VMware and have helped many businesses plan out and deploy virtualization solutions to help them reduce costs and gain efficiencies throughout the organization.

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About VMware

VMware is the most trusted virtualization for desktop, datacenter and application virtualization. VMware offers the highest performing and most scalable virtualization platform in the industry for even the most resource-intensive business critical applications at the lowest TCO.

Let ESP Computer Consultants help you determine how you can optimize your IT infrastructure with our virtualization solutions. Contact us today for a complimentary analysis.

Traditional physical Windows-based servers only utilize 5-10% of the underlying hardware capacity and virtualizing them typically allows for consolidation rates of 10:1. That means that one of today’s servers can power up to 10 virtual servers. This allows for tremendous cost savings in terms of consolidating server sprawl and reducing space, power and cooling needed.

An automated datacenter, built on a VMware virtualization platform, lets you respond to market dynamics faster and more efficiently than ever before. VMware vSphere delivers resources, applications—even servers—when and where they’re needed.

Benefits of Server Virtualization

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Less space needed
  • Reduced energy used
  • More flexibility and server setup and disaster recovery
  • Less hardware and software to maintain
90-95% of your PC resources sit idle at any given time. Desktop virtualization allows you to separate the desktop operating system and all applications from your desktop computer which can reduce the cost of your PC ownership by 40%. All computing processes take place at the server level which is completely transparent to the user, but allows your users to access their needed files and applications across any connection and from any device—even mobile phones.

Benefits of VDI

  • Reduced PC desktop costs
  • Reduced energy needed
  • Great control of data and applications
  • Reduced maintenance costs
Application virtualization allows for greater efficiencies by detaching the application from the operating system. This allows for much greater compatibility, manageability and portability of the applications themselves. Applications take up tremendous amount of bandwidth and space on your desktops, but application virtualization allows for programs to be streamed on demand so that applications are not needed to be installed on the host as traditionally done.

Benefits of VDI

  • Dramatically improve security and support
  • Less maintenance and upgrade time
  • Less hardware power consumption and strain